​​When requested to investigate a criminal case, we consult with the attorney who represents the client to determine how our services will best benefit the client’s defense. If needed, we can offer a complete case analysis and investigation. This includes the following:

Reviewing of documents, recordings, reports, and any other material provided by the State in discovery.

Identifying any missing discovery.
Conducting background checks of any party involved in the case. For example, if there is a witness that needs to be impeached a background check could be beneficial to this process.
Conducting media review; this is not limited to what has been covered on the evening news or newspapers. This service extends to the many social media sites as well. Facebook and Twitter are a valuable tool these days.
Meeting and interviewing clients.
Locating and interviewing witnesses.
Investigating of facts provided by client’s and/or witnesses.
Developing additional parties, such as witnesses, of whom the State may or may not be aware.
Producing work product, such as reports, timelines, witness lists, case synopsis, forensic analysis, photograph analysis, exhibit preparation (including PowerPoint), audio and video recording review.
Conducting complete and thorough mitigation investigations in cases in which the death penalty has been noticed as well as sentencing issues for any other criminal case.
Working with the attorney to determine whether or not additional experts are needed to help with the defense of the client, and coordinating efforts with these experts.
Providing assistance to the attorney as she/he prepares for trial.​  
​We understand that no two cases are the same. In some cases, the attorney may determine that all of the above mentioned tasks are not necessary for the defense of the client. In that case, we will perform only the specific tasks directed by the attorney.

​BERRY-WALTZ INVESTIGATIONS LLC Is Licensed In The State Of Tennessee And The Commonwealth Of Kentucky.


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